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Who Is you Fav Rider


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there are so many amazing riders out there now trials has come a long way and there are riders that do things on there bikes witch shouldnt be done lol and wanted to know what riders you all look up to

personaly i like crl and dan jones

what you lot think ?

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this topic has been made 102981741974 times already :closedeyes:

anyway, my fav rider is MARCO GROSENIK, TRA is a close second

hehe i will ride with him tomorrow! ;)

We have a big session here in Cologne tomorrow with him and Felix Mücke too!

But we will post some filmin' stuff later! So keep your eyes open dude! (Y)

Well my favourite rider.....hmmm....

ComP: Vincent Hermance

City: Ali C, Damon Watson, James Porter (only on Ashton! :D*zwinkor* )

Smoothnes: Felix M! (Y)


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Someone mentioned Danny Holroyd. Is he a popular rider now? (Check my introductory thread as you can tell I'm not in the know with popular trials goings on) As I used to go to the same high school as Danny Holroyd, he was a couple of years above me, never spoke to him or anything, but me and my other trials buddies used to think him and the other 'bigger boys' (rofl) were really good, I think I remember one of his mates (or even him?) had the first Giant Martin Hawes (sp?) signature frame.

Interesting stuff!

Martyn Ashton used to always be my favourite rider (probably a really zzzz choice now but meh), I rememeber liking Eddie Tongue aswell (I can't believe people think the old Pashley 26mhz bikes are vintage ish now lol) I had an issue of guitarist from around 1999/2000 with him and his brother doing a big gap jump over a canal, also had a video of him riding and always thought he was a really smooth rider.

I have lots to learn.

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