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Introduction, And An Onza Question

Captain Scarlet

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Hey Guys,

My name is Tom, I'm 15 and I've been interested in bikes for years.

I started out on Jump Bikes and Dirt and stuff, but more recently there is a craze for trials in my area.

I want to get an Onza Mod as a starter bike to trials, most probably a T-Vee.

It comes with V-brakes, which is good for beginning I guess, but if I wanted to upgrade to some kind of Hydraulic Rim brake (Mag HS33's preferably) on the rear, would it be possible to do so?

I was told that I could do so.

But upon further examination, I noticed that HS33's have a 4 bolt mounting, and if I was to replace the V brakes there would only be a 2 bolt mounting.

Can the V brakes on the rear be replaced by HS33's? or is it not possible because of the frame design.

On the 06 model of the T-Bird it had HS33's on front and rear, but the 07 model has disc brake on the front, v brakes on the rear.

So I guess the T-bird is not an option for Hydraulic brakes either. :(

Can anyone help me out.

Thanks in advance,


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hs33s are renowned as the benchmark trials brake. however a well set up vee, with decent pads and cables, can lock ur back wheel just as well, a few of the really good riders on this forum (Ali C for example) use v-brakes.

I have a t-vee, bought some hs33 pad adaptors, got some decent pads in there and gore-tex cables, and my brakes are really pretty damn good, never slip, and are much cheaper (and less hassle when maintenance is needed, which is hardly ever) than hs33s

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