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White Industries Vs Try-all Freewheel


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hi people

just wondering what you guys think is a better freewheel a White Industries freewheel or a try-all freewheel i'm am thinking of getting a White Industries freewheel what do you guys think

thanks wellsey (Y)

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I have both and have been asking myself exactley the same question lately. The eno is better built, the outer shell on the eno is a big chunk of metal, I seriously doub't it's going to brake even under trials loading condition's. (it is designed for trials afterall) It's fully servicable(with spares readily availabe), which is a bonus, very easy to take apart & doesn't come loose on the front.

As for the try-all, it is also a very good freewheel, fantastic engagement, won't ever come loose. It's not serviceable as far as I can see, and there are no spares available for it.

I only notice the differance in engagement's when im thinking about it, when riding or anything they are just the same...

You might want to consider the tensile freewheels and the monty one too, both are cheaper than the two you mentioned....

EDIT: the eno is built better, from a strength point of view, however I seriously doubt the try-all is going to brake anytime soon.......

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ahhh so is that why the drive shell on the try-al wobbles ever so slightly and not on the ENO?

I'll add that a try-all is constructed in the same way as an ACS by the looks of thing's except the lockring is on the opposite side, the ENO is an entirley differant design which I havn't seen elsewhere...

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mmm, thats a tough one. the white industry's freewheel will not break ever, believe me because it is plate hardened with steel and there are available spares. the problem is it's £30 more than the try-all and the try-all is very reliable. i would have to say the white industries though, it will be worth it. (Y)

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I already got 3 Tryall freewheels. 2 broke in 3 pieces, that was rather strange ... Anyway this freewheel is nice as it has many engagements points, i think maybe less than an ENO but much more than a classic ACS.

There's something bizare anyway : there's a little space betwwen the right side of the freewheel (from the riding position) and the protection. It looks amazing as it allows the freewhell to twist on itself, that twist that makes freewheel break ..

I think that , in spite of the little problems i had with 2 freewheels, that's a good one .. B)

I can't really say something about the ENO, except that it looks really expensive .. :unsure:

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I have a tensile one which has never failed or skipped & my mate has a try-all one on his monty and its awesome so many engagment points and comes the tin and more importantly the tool,

so id say go for the try-all you cant go wrong for the price. (Y)

also a quick little question: can you use the try-all freewheel on the front with a rock ring. Cheers Guys

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any pictures of these broken ones??

Those of you in the UK who got boxes & tools, where did you get your's from and how much did you pay?

I know that you can buy it from Cleanbikes @ £49.50 & tartybikes @ £50 both shops include box & tool

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