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My Beeatch

Joey B

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About the forks, Its about a 1 hour job to strip them down properly and then about 10 mins to spray one layer of primer and then leave it half hour and then put another layer of primer on, leave it about 2 hours to dry. Then 5-10 mins to put your first layer of paint on, Leave it about half hour, Put another layer of paint on, leave it about half hour and then finally put your last layer on and leave it to dry properly and harden for about 5-6 hours and then once its fully dry and hardened, apply 2 layers of laquer.

All it takes is a day of your life and £12 of your money to make your bike looking that extra bit nicer than it normally does.

But apart from the brake levers and the forks it looks nice.


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yeh init! i hate te look of t-master stems on bikes they just look wrong..

I'm 15 years old, 6ft tall and showing no signs of stopping growing. So i really need the highest rise stem i can get and the t-master i just that. If a higher rise stem became available then i'd gladly replace it, anyone know of any???

As for the brake Raceline Maggies. Just bought a BB7 for the front so thats that done and wen i have some spare dosh i'll get a black lever for the back.

About the BB7 i'm going to get a odyssey linear cable but stuck on which lever to get. Any recommendations??


Joey B

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yea it ent bad but the wheels look a bit small :unsure::lol:

anyway will be better when you get your new frame/kit on it (Y)

oh yea mate i have a leaver you can have it is only a tektro one but it works and feels sooooo nice, i adapted the lever blade myself, have a look and let me know if you want it.

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