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Post Your Video Setup

Max Quinn

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Ok so we've had the post your photo setup and i know alot of people on here are into filmography aswell as photography. So why not post your video setup? I'd be interested to see what people like Jonny Jones and Nick Godard use, VX's or TRV's?

I'll start:

Sony TRV350E Digital 8 Camera

Cheap ass Futin 0.45 Wide Angle lense because i was skint.

Ghetto home made handle complete with Odyssey BMX grip

Velbon CX 440 Large(ish) tripod

Jessops TB318 Mini(ish) tripod

I'm planning on getting a different fisheye lense (was looking at the 0.3X clip on ones) and a Bescor video light soon aswell as a polarizing filter.

So what do you use? Post pictures aswell if you can :) And also post any upgrades your planning.


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My tools:

Sony HC1000 3CCD DV cam

0,45x semi fish-eye lens

0,60x wide angle lens

Some tripods

Dad's stuff from when he was working for TV:

-Broadcast Sony 3CCD camera unit

-Broadcast time base corrector

-Professional U-Matic recorder

-Broadcast U-Matic portable recorder

-2 Panasonic camera units

-Some monitors


All this can now be replaced by a laptop, HDV camera and Premiere 2.0...

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I don't have one but that handle is wicked!

Haha thanks, will probably make another one out of a thicker bar though as it flexes a fair bit. I'll also make it so that the handle angles down towards the camera rather than up so that when held low filming lines with a fisheye the camera points slightly up without your hand having to.

Some real nice setups though. Partz what is the camera that's his old one?

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