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V!z Fluro Front Rim Erd


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Hey guys,

I used the search function and couldnt find anything.

I am after the ERD for a V!Z 26" Fluro front rim.

I've also searched on the internet under online stores like Tartybikes, and others that I know, but I am from Australia so I don't know many, but I couldnt find anything under these sites?

Is there anyone that knows the ERD and can help me?

Thanks guys!


P.S. Jason222 - You can easily change the oil in your king with only 2 5mm allen keys, you dont even need to take the cassette off. I hope you can read this because I'm restricted from messaging you. All you need to do is undo each of the ends, pull off the end of the axle then pop out the axle and cassette together as one peice and you can easily get into the ring drive in the hub to wipe it all down with a rag then use a toothbrush to clean off the spline on the cassette body. Once all that is clean, drip a like 5 drops around the spline on the cassete and spread it around with your fingers, wipe away the excess and it will have enough lube to be safe to use and will be louder too!

If someone else can pass that onto Jason222, please do!

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