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Who Is Deng?


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Deng is to biketrials what Bill Gates is to computers.

That's probably the best way to describe him i think...

Consider yourself dENGLIGHTENED...

Fair play, good joke...

Deng is THE trials man, most moderately good riders will have a part made by deng on their bike!

He shall rule the world one day. And he'll CNC Anodise us all! *Looks around room, scared* *cowers*

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I don't often quote to say 'lol' - but thats a pun worthy of The Sun.

(LOL) (Y)

im suprised you even know who deng is tom, the amount of time youve been off of the bike!! your stuck in the days of pashleys being light and maguras being massive! yeesh.:P

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