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Mbk Sexx

Conor the basher.

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The reson for the change is becuase i couldent seem to get used to disc when i went to tap i would pull the lever to soon and when i adjusted it in it was to close to the bars didnt seem to have the same power as the maggie any way.

hardcorebiking i think it looks lovly.

As long as u like it mate (Y)

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I really like it, just the aftermarket stickers dont do it any favours at all, so maybe lose those. Admittedly I think it'd look better with a Blue and White colour scheme, but then again white is the new black nowadays. So I'm sure red will be popular anytime soon.

Oh and what pads are you running? How are they?

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Yo joy pads best pads out not a bad word to say about them

Except that I've been riding mine for 2 days straight now and they still haven't bedded in, still get a nice swoosh as my brake slips on the corner of a curb. Strange really because they make a really loud noise when just riding along and bite well, they just dont bite when I'm on the back wheel.

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How tall are you with that wheelbase and that stem....? Hope you didnt just take the stickers off because everyone here said it would look better. You obviouslly put them on in the first place because you liked them. Looks very new still.

I took them of just to have a look and i like it better now lol um im 5,8 i beliver or 5,9 .

cheers conor.

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Same height as me, and i thought i had slightly ape-like arms, but you must be dragging your knuckles along the floor. Do you not find the bike a bit of a stretch for you? Hows it to lift the front wheel with no pedal stroke?


I dont find it a strech at all to be honest its soo nice on the back wheel and suoer esay .


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