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Do You Stop Because Of Bad Weather?


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i usually only ride in the dry! however yesterday went out in the pissin rain! was soooo fun running out in the gaps of rain! was a right laugh! me an matty just pushing each other further and further till we were riding as if it was dry and i basically had no brakes!!! lol damm matt the double disked b*****d!

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The weather in Cumbria isn't exactly the warmest or dryest weather around but it's no too bad and I'm Never usually put off riding because of bad weather. I don't mind rain, but wind can often put me off when it's really strong. Normally I just go out and ride because it's not like bad weather will harm us will it? Unless you get blown off a high drop or something of course.

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the wether doesn't really stop me from riding. if it is mega raining then yeah it does id rather stay in when its like that, but over the weekend it was really wet but me and mates went out riding anyway. i am runing plazmatics on the front and rear are they worked mint for me in the wet, would reccommend to anyone. my mate is only running kool-stops though and his brake was slipping really bad but he still rode and he was ok.

cheers lou.

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Yeah Moto_Psycho and I were out earlier! Doing some (rather small) drop-offs off a wall. Seemed high though!! Then it started pissing down and I didn't trust my brakes or tyres (N)

lol I changed my inner tube earlier and it had 5 patches on it!

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