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My 07 Adamant So Far


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I have been ordering my new bits for my 07 adamant build and this is what ive done so far, should be done by end of the week.All new parts etc!!

-still to come-hope mono trial 180mm, kmc chain, try-all freewheel, carbon stem spacers, well go magnesium pedals. before you lot sayanything its my gf bedroom lol.


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Hey guys, sorry about the crap pic-quick spec-

-07 mod/stock frame long

-07 echo forks

-tensile uci cranks with tiny bashring

-f&r onza hog rims rims-new style on adamnt 07 hubs with sapim spokes

-07 magura rear with rock pads,

-carbon onza bars

-onza stem

-cane creek headset

-try-all grips

-try-all bb

-maxxis highroller 2.5 rear/minion 2.35 front

It's cost me a fortune so far but i cant wait till it's done


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Looks sweet, loving the way there's only a tiny bit of colour. Should ride lush for you.

How come your girlfriend let your bike in her room? and is that a tub of engine oil? haha.

haha, i live up here, shes gota be the coolest gf going lol, she like watching me ride me bike and she's actually intersted lol. Yeah it's a bottle of oil left from me motocross bikes, just sold it lol. cheers-Hugh

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