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My 07 Adamant Is Finished!


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Hey guys ive finally finished my 07 adamant build. The spec is:

-07 mod/stock long frame

-07 echo control forks

-07 hog rims on adamant hubs with sapim spokes

-carbon onza bars and onza stem

-front 07 hope mono trial 180mm

-rear magura hs33 with rock pads

-tensile uci crankset (small bashring) with tensile freewheel and try-all bb

-maxxis highroller rear tyre and minion front

-vp pedals-(magnesium wellgos/onza pedals havent turned up yet)

-kmc chain

-cane creek headset with carbon spacers

-try-all grips.


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cheers guys, glad you like it. I have never ridden a 26" before and i just went out in the garden on it, played around for 5mins then tapped that tyre on the pallets (in pic) to back wheel on my 2nd attempt-these things are awesome, dono why i didnt try one earlier. feels really odd having to chuk it firther when i'm hopping about etc. cheers-hugh

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ballsy move going mod stock imo theres not much choice of decent hubs or freewheels

well i just went for the adamant hub as this is what tartys reccomended, i do think there's alot of choice for free wheels though, so many makes of freewheel about now. Only problem is i cant ride brits on it as you need gears even though you never use them :rolleyes:. Just gona concentrate on my UCI stuff for now.(ymsa etc) -hugh

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Would look nicer with urban forks but still SEXY.

yeah i was gona go for them but i wanted less weight. Was gona buy some american carnon forks and have an engineer near me cut them down and re bond them, still a possibility but those are fine for now :)

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QUOTE(joe b @ Feb 26 2007, 08:23 PM)
That is sexual, mate. It really is seriously, seriously nice (Y) .

You sure do have a few bob to throw around for these stunt bikes, Hugh, mate :P .



hehe stunt bike lol. Well after i sold my mx bike and kit i had quite a bit of money so i got the 07 monty ti but as you know that didnt work out too good and i was half way through building the 26" when i decided to sell the 20". So i used a bit of dosh from that to finish the 26" off and i like it so much i'm sticking with the bigger bikes.lol :)

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