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:D :D :D

Best Biketrials film ever! Awesome editing, brilliant riding and a great soundtrack to match!

Everyone needs to watch this video now! Its a sad thought, but there are actually riders out there that have never seen these classic films!

I might have to dig out my Revolution, Evolve and Contact VHS' and watch them!

Reed Merschat should release the trilogy on DVD :)

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Come one newbies watch this video :D

The same as everyone else really. I remember sticking it on but not being able to make it to the end of the video without needing to go out and ride! Only got about 1/3 of the way and I couldnt take it any longer! Straight out on the bike

Ryan Leech hops up rail...

Bums: "Wow! Yeah! You're good man! You're good"

Edit- Evolve has to have one of the best Trials crashes compilation ever :D Kris Holm falling down that waterfall. I've ridden there and if you think it looks big on the video! and of course Leech's scorpion. Stuff of legend.

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