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Camera Set Up Question......slow Shutters.


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Either use the S function on the wheel on your D50, then choose the shutter speed you want. Or if you're in manual, set the shutter speed to what you want, then change the aperture until the bar meets in the middle on the screen.

Also, make ISO as low as possible, 200 I think.

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Hey dave the best thign as said before is to use manual.

Lower the shutter to the speed you disire

Then use your F number ( apeture) and set that to a high value such as 25 or whatever

Do this useing the light meter so that that is shows up in the middle then you know you have a good photo.

Also A low ISO like 200 will help ( i think)


Just found this i use a canon but i belive the nikon view finder is somthing like this


Make sure your light meter look somthing liek this with the little pointer that moves around around the middle area.

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