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  1. New video episode Bike O'clock - Tour de Halls is here!! :-)
  2. We started new video series - BIKE O'clock. Check out the first episode!
  3. After the season I went to Madrid to drink coffee and chill a bit. I used this opportunity to shoot street trial edit "Madrid Coffee break" on my new Inspired Bicycles Fourplay 24".
  4. Hi guys, I have a new video “The Pallets” made in one shot! Check this out :-)
  5. Hi guys, here is our Game of Bike from one spot. It´s only for fun :-)
  6. Here is my new brakeless video. Hope you will like it :-)
  7. My friend Ondra Šenk from Czech republic and his new autumn street ride with his Alias bike. Check this out :-)
  8. We decided to attend the 7Dayz Film Contest and this is what we shot. Check out the AWT special edition for 7Dayz Film Contest! Here is link on vimeo Vasha