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    • Right, that's changed now so my garage ticket is free and open I've been in Cyprus for 10 days just thinking things over and decided this winter is the time for the mini, the yank tank is where I want it untill my new front end and 4 bar setup arrives and I'm really happy with it, got my business to a point where I feel I understand the time it takes from me and what I have spare so feels fair to finally give the mini the time it deserves. On the parts ordered list is... New wheel bearing kit for all 4 corners New bush kit for front and rear, not sure if I'll go to the hassle of fitting it all but the ones fitted have sat for 7 years now. New cones and gen hilos Discs, pads, cylinders and shoes MED lightweight preverto fly, grey diaphragm and rally plate Pre inertia HI torque starter Force racing internal shifter kit, my maniflow setup always smacked the shifter housing New rad hoses Service kit for the HIF44 About 20m of various width hoses I've managed to bag some 5x10 minilites from someone in the local club too so I'll be putting some a032rs on there. On the bench already is... New harnesses Wiring harness Brand new yellow tag MC Non servo pedal box and Clevis pins All IC pipework a d 2wd Cossie cooler Modded plenum to accept IC Pre verto wok and release assembly Megajolt and all the ETIS kit, Fenton trigger wheel setup 5l of a new colour.. I'd like to up a set of fusion fabs manifolds and a GT17, but not sure if I'm interested enough yet. Hoping to get the spare subframe I have powder coated over the next few weeks and get that on some stands so I can rebuild the front end, I'll drop the clutch in and get the motor in at that point, pull the head off and get the valve guides sorted aswell as the new valves recut so I'm off the weird metro turbo sizes. After that I hope to run the new wiring harness, hopefully put together a solid and sensible car this time rarther then try to keep it going. I'm aiming for 140bhp ish, seems a sensible figure for a well built 1293 running mild boost, plus keeps it drivable. The motor has 28cc chambers and 11cc dish pistons if I remember rightly with a CR of mid 8's, I remember it was built to take 20+ pounds of boost, but they just get too undriveable in my opinion unless your after drag numbers. I'm gonna go for a dry build to start with, get it running and to a few RWYB days uneed the belt and a few track days if I fancy and if all proves successful I'll pull it apart and repaint, rebuild nicely and hopefully just enjoy it then. I still have a mk2 shell in my uncle's barn that he panneled up for me, it kinda just sat there after with a coat of satin black, not sure if I'll rebuild into that and scrap this shell off as it's had it's share of patchwork, who knows. For now though let's get it running again and get some use out of it!    
    • @Adam@TartyBikes Not cool. I’m heartbroken.
    • Nope, just a couple of hours of elbow grease. It's had all new panels, so it genuinely is just one shade of red now
    • Nicely done! The rider at 4:50 is Andei Oprea haha. Hopefully you come again man I owe you dinner!