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    • Huh, I just experience the occasional breakage   Alright, dull grey Z1EHX it is. Maybe I should just order a 50 meter roll haha.
    • Quite significant for trials, IME. A year out of a chain is quite exceptional I would say, for how often you ride and how good you are at destroying stuff 😁 suggest 3-6 months before changing, in future.
    • Thanks! Thankfully it happened on landing a rolling bunny hop, not even touching the brakes! Must have been almost broken, and I've been very lucky, as the move I did before that was a drop gap off a meter high wall. No scuffs on the chain that I can see, have always been riding with a bash guard too. I did destroy my rear cog last week (AbsoluteBlack aluminium, broke off some teeth, and cracked in many places, not really trials proof) but I can't image that can have anything to do with it. Just a bad luck week.  I see the E101 has those cutouts, not trusting that  Maybe I just best get some z1ehx's, theoretically slightly stronger than the K1, plus this is the first time I broke one ever in the 5 years I've been using them (and I should've replaced it earlier). Too bad you can only get the EPT ones now, I like the shiny silver more   I'd put a new one on!
    • Hi,     Good to hear you did not get bad injured. Did you notice some scuffs on the chain? Months ago my chain broke regularly and I then understood it was related to some hits on the chain (I had no bash at that time). I just swapped my chain and bought two Z1HEX. I run one of my cleep 26 for many months no, but I don't ride it currently as much (somehow it is refreshing to ride 20" ) I also tried a Izumi 410 chain, used in track racing and black on my street trial. No problem with it neither. I noticed there are now a  KMC e101 and z101.  
    • Mine has the same amount of time and I also ride twice a week.🙄
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