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    • I believe he had quite bad asthma, who knows what other co-morbidities. Likewise.... I had my last jab in april, according to the government covid will put me in hospital and I need to get boosted NOW! Or I'll just let my natural immuity handle it now like it did over christmas and I didn't catch omicron despite it being in the house.
    • Glad to hear that the fix helped! And thanks for getting the visual instructions together for canardweb. If you want new IGUS bushings you can probably email trialtech directly and they might be able to send you some. I will say though that the smaller amount of play that you have now looks normal to me even for a fresh lever out of the box. One more thing that you might want to check is whether the previous owner of the lever lost the black rubber o-ring that sits between the lever blade and the lever body in the pivot. This o-ring is really easy to lose whenever you take the lever blade completely out of the lever body and is often forgotten.
    • If you're playing it like that: Ok guys, Covid made me feel a bit rough for a few days over Christmas. No need to get jabbed! He was 75 and looking at recent photos, he didn't look like the fittest chap - maybe had underlying conditions?
    • I've not looked in a while actually, I'll take a look in a bit (It's held on a few different sites with difficult ways to log in, quite an effort!). I haven't got that much, at one point it hit $1000, then dropped to $400, I expect it's somewhere around $500 at the moment. I've withdrawn what I put in originally anyway, so I'm just holding a few coins in a hope that one of them goes to the moon... you never know
    • Here mate: Loosen 1, then push 2 all the way down, then tighten 1 again, so it properly holds 2 in place. You can also pull out 2 to see if there are any indentations which might affect the grip.. It did help and minimised the wobble but there is still a tiny bit of play as you can see in the second clip. It’s nothing too frightening but compared to a hashtagg lever I have on my other bike which has absolutely zero play, it slightly annoys me still.  
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