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  1. Happy days just got a set of 2014 pikes.
  2. I have the choice of 3 forks. Manitou circus comp 100mm Manitou circus experts 130mm or a old favourite marzocchi shivers sc 120mm any suggestions. Looking for a 130mm max and budget of around 3-400
  3. Ok cool have any of you rode t13 skatepark yet. Was there last week some reaaly good stuff that's set up for free running but is equally good for trials
  4. Hi guys I'm new to the area living in holywood. And looking for good spots to ride and some people to ride with. Would say I'm abought average skill leval
  5. Anyone up for a ride in or around belfast city centre starting around 1-2pm
  6. Ideal. What's the standerd of riding there
  7. Ant riders in belfast area. Moving there soon looking for. A few riders
  8. Ant riders in belfast area. Moving there soon looking for. A few riders
  9. Not quite Newcastle but Hartlepool a lad called dave. Rides a white Limey 3 on a genisis build
  10. cant make it :/ 6 hours on the train defo next year when i can drive! I have a guy comming from Newcastle upon Tyne. For the ride.
  11. Sorry guys. Was done on me iphone didn't realise it don't load
  12. I run a rubber queen with standerd tube @15psi and don't get pinch flats
  13. Super light = faliure at some point Best to like for a comfortable medium where u can achieve the best of strength and durability with light weight. If u buy cheap light parts. They will break