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  1. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Recommended Sale Price   

    Nice congrats on the that , Yeah I know its a shame to see it go but its just not possible any more really. Shame.
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  2. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Recommended Sale Price   

    Alrighty D.

    Yeah the orange colour is a limited edition version
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  3. Ipod Bob added a topic in Trials Chat   

    Recommended Sale Price
    Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my Rockman slate II at some point but i'm really not sure what price i should be sticking it up for, would be great if you could help. I've not ridden for a year since I burnt my foot and got a new job, everything works fine and frame is basically new (hardly ridden). Only a couple small scratches apart from the cranks are fairly done in as you'd expect. I dont really know what bikes of this spec sell for anymore so some help would be fantastic. Cheers guys.

    This is not a sale post, I need to find a sale price only cheers fella's.

    The specs of the bike are as follows;

    Slate 2 frame Limited Edition
    Rockman forks
    Try-all stem
    Rockman Bars
    Echo TR hubs
    Carbon protector
    HS33 rear + metal backings
    Schwalbe tyres, good amount of tread
    Onza BB
    Speedrace Cranks
    Tensile 72 click freewheel
    No pedals xD
    BB7 front
    Onza pro front rim
    Try-all rear - both have no dents or flat spots and run true

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  4. Ipod Bob added a topic in Member Organised Rides   

    Pompey & Southampton ?
    Hey guys i'm at uni basically for the next year and a half down south, can ride weekends basically and looking for some people to meet up with. If you dont mind could you pm your phone number or facebook email or something so i can try and meet up for some riding.

    I've got a 26" slate 2. Cheers.

    This website is blocked in my accommodation so i cant follow the updates on rides .
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  5. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Rockman Kortz 2   

    My freewheel fits fine without any spacers on the crappy onza BB lol just get a super thin bash ring on there. Lovely frame solid as anything so far i've not bashed it on anything apart from my chain stays so i cant really review it much for you. I am 6ft 2inch and it fits perfectly.
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  6. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Tnn Kenny Belaey's Or Tnn Lgms ?   

    I have belaey pads on a grind, best pads ive ever used over the last 6 years
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  7. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Pad Reviews   

    Pads: Kenny Belaey TNN
    Time used: 1 week
    Rim used: Tryall Hole
    Grind: Yes
    Brake used: HS33

    Went from rockman blues to the Kenny Belaey pads which are unbelievable, i cant describe how good they are. Nice sharp bite and tons of hold.

    I did a fresh grind on the rockmans blues and they just lacked bite and hold, i kind of always untrusted them for big gaps and natural, stuck the Belaey pads on the same grind and they are perfect, best pads i've ever used over the 5-6 i've ridden trials. Highly recommend.

    Quite loud 7/10 for loudness but i dont mind considering the performance.

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  8. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Guillermo Marín - Sheffield   

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  9. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Fise Montpellier 2010 Finale Bmx   

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  10. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Smoothing A Rims   

    took me an hour with sandpaper once, it was EPIC but possible
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  11. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Lowestoft Bike Trials Summer Vid Teaser   

    cheers le i had to be scetch didnt i hahahahaha
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  12. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Spring With Eirik Ulltang   

    really liked that beautifully made and shot, congratulations cant wait for the next one i want your bike also
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  13. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Karol Serwin - Croata Camp '10   

    That was Quality
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  14. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Street V Trials   

    I feel really sorry for you for breaking your hand and such but that made me laugh so much, im sorry it was brilliant not just the crash it self but the aftermath of the whole situation with pedestrians just taking pictures ignorant to whats going on LOL.

    Good vid i liked it.
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  15. Ipod Bob added a post in a topic Get Rid Of Vista Install Xp   

    for example on my laptop to boot from cd i press F8 - boot drive options, which flashes up during bios, you should then be able to select your cd drive and it will load. From there just format your harddrive and install xp from fresh, you may want to download your network drivers in advance and put those onto cd as xp probably wont install wireless for you.

    Can cause a few problems if you havn't got another pc available.

    I sent you a pm also as i will get in trouble posting it here.
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