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  1. Price has dropped to £525 now, thought i'd let you know.

  2. Nice congrats on the that , Yeah I know its a shame to see it go but its just not possible any more really. Shame.
  3. Alrighty D. Yeah the orange colour is a limited edition version
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my Rockman slate II at some point but i'm really not sure what price i should be sticking it up for, would be great if you could help. I've not ridden for a year since I burnt my foot and got a new job, everything works fine and frame is basically new (hardly ridden). Only a couple small scratches apart from the cranks are fairly done in as you'd expect. I dont really know what bikes of this spec sell for anymore so some help would be fantastic. Cheers guys. This is not a sale post, I need to find a sale price only cheers fella's. The specs of the bike are as follows; Slate 2 frame Limited Edition Rockman forks Try-all stem Rockman Bars Echo TR hubs Carbon protector HS33 rear + metal backings Schwalbe tyres, good amount of tread Onza BB Speedrace Cranks Tensile 72 click freewheel No pedals xD BB7 front Onza pro front rim Try-all rear - both have no dents or flat spots and run true
  5. Hey guys i'm at uni basically for the next year and a half down south, can ride weekends basically and looking for some people to meet up with. If you dont mind could you pm your phone number or facebook email or something so i can try and meet up for some riding. I've got a 26" slate 2. Cheers. This website is blocked in my accommodation so i cant follow the updates on rides .
  6. why is he not riding ? i might still come down on sunday

  7. dont think i can make it to much to do, sorry bud

  8. hm i might be able to come not sure cause i have lots to do sunday :( we will see, what time you going up there ?

  9. no more washing up, i cant come monday thats when i leave for my new job :( might be able to come down saturday or sunday though depends on weather

  10. Awesome aint they :) were you doing a comp today with darrel ?

  11. good man, lovely shoes probably best with cage pedals though i think. But still awesome

  12. 07889908000 im in lowestoft gimme a txt i think im coming out about 2pm

  13. lol im coming down for sunday not sure what the weather is gonna be like though

  14. Im trying to come down sunday but i have a lot going on this weekend so i will decide sunday morning probably come down sunday afternoon if anything

  15. yeah foot is fine now got an awesome bike too now :P just need to find time to come to lowestoft riding