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  1. no pink tights this year liam, but il try find something crazy to wear
  2. cheers guys. sprog the indoor area is a barn near truro college but students go in there, smoke weed and have smashed everything up
  3. hey guys. havent been on here for a little while so i thought id post my latest video.
  4. hey guys. havent been on here for a little while so i thought id post my latest video.
  5. a few of us built up a bmx on a train. we had passengers complaining at us but the staff on the train didnt seem to care
  6. when i started riding my old limey i done that with 2 kenda DH tubes and still managed to puncture it haha. that was a while ago now though. im a lot better and smoother now
  7. my bad, i thought you were getting the train up from falmouth
  8. me and martin might tag along with you then if hes up for it as were leaving from truro
  9. i started out by getting my technique on curbs and really small stuff and then once i was comfortable with what i already done i moved on to something a little bit bigger
  10. what time is everyone getting there and where are we all meeting?
  11. i dont have any santa stuff but i do have a tutu...
  12. try-all sticky all the way for me. i feel more stable with this tyre and even when theyre bold theyre still surprisingly grippy!!
  13. i have a onza bird 2010 aswell and im just running the standard front disk setup that comes with the bike, and its probably one of the most powerful disk brakes iv seen.
  14. i had 1 like that haha. some bloke from up counrty was like "put a f**king tshirt on and sort yourself out" my latest one though was a group of guys with guitars saying "your missing a seat" and my response was "yeah it got nicked but if your really observant you'l notice his bike doesnt have a seat either"