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  1. hi there i have some try all isis cranks and the splines have gone so i need new cranks what cranks should i get for a competition bike cheers jack
  2. hi im from huddersfield what about you ?

  3. hi there i am due some new pads and i dont know what to get as my heatsink yellows did not work verry well cheers jack
  4. oryt there guys what frame does anyone reccomend to get looking for something light but not too expensive currently got zhi z3 thinking about getting a neon x ray cheers jack
  5. hi where in yorkshire you from?

  6. hi there mate could you contact me on jackdyson080396@hotmail.co.uk cheers jack (JDZHI)

  7. i have a zhi z3 mint angles perfect bb rise feels light to rise jack
  8. im running tnn yellows set up square medium grind slight bit of tar so it has no slip echo 1 finger lever blade it works mint with maggie blood:)
  9. contact me please jackdyson080395@hotmail.co.uk cheers jack

  10. only looking to sell sorry

  11. or email me on jackdyson080395@hotmail.co.uk cheers jack

  12. hi there i was just wondering if you would part ex the whole rockman kortz for my zhi zmb2 or a frame swap for a zhi z3 virticle drop outs please contact me anytime on 07853014281 cheers

  13. oryt zack http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=152890 could you get the rear wheel for £50 to £40 ? cheers text me about it please