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  1. Worth the BUMP as Ali's behind the scenes to his latest video just absolutely sh*t on 99% of the proper edits I've seen in street trials this year. Seriously good work on the latest edit @Ali C @Mark W. Looking forward to the Malaga edit!
  2. @Ali C lowering peoples ego since 2001.
  3. Let's hope you rode your bikes in Malaga.
  4. It's strange that you rode a mod for so many years and moving to 26" wasn't weird, even though people was used to you on the old Monty/Deng/newer bikes. But moving back to 20" seems weird for some reason? But it would be good to see you back on one.
  5. I was told that I need a front brake and to be fair if I entered one I would fit one to the bike just for the down slope parts. I would love to enter one.Let's see what 2020 brings.
  6. You can do some really impressive things on your bike and I just think they are wasted on these edits. The music just isn't for everyone and really doesn't go with your riding. Raw would be better or a more ambient if you have to use certain things for copyright? The flickering effects and massive use of your name is just cringe worthy Mike. You don't need to shove it in everyone's face in that way. Your riding is literally the only reason people follow you and the only reason I like to check out the odd post you share, concentrate on that and relax on the other stuff please. Just being honest here as you could genuinely put out some fantastic media in my opinion.
  7. I really liked this one from the start. I don't always stick with the commentary just skip to the riding but it was good to hear your thoughts on the day and admit where you weaknesses are. Really cool to see some of the sections keeping similar routes to what some of us have ridden in the past. Also quite enjoyable seeing two different ways of tackling sections. It would be really cool to see more Street'y guys getting out on the rocks and giving these ago it would be fun to watch and great for the comp community. Those bails were fantastic Ross!
  8. I ran drive side only inspired chain tug with my Silex and never had any issues however that was with a Hope pro 2 and you can really put some torque into tightening up those with the big axle and bolts.
  9. I enjoyed that, I like that he adds in the filler clips that are quite clearly aimed to appeal to non trials eyes. The stairs clip for example you see things like this posted up on GCN from events and nowhere near as dialled. I also liked the camera work as it's very hard to click play to Chris riding the glen in yet another video but the quirky camera work made up for that. The barrel roll, was that meant to be some kind of humourous clip just because we're now seeing lots of other riders doing these in videos?
  10. I vaguely remember Rob Harris either receiving this or riding this at Radical bikes a few years back following him winning a competition called Get Creative. In the novice* category with a pretty sweet video. *I can't remember what it was called but non pro/sponsored riders anyway. I think that's likely why nobody knows a great deal about this bike as I don't think he rode trials for very long afterwards. It was some point around the same time as TRA getting a 26" disc version also. Interesting to see the prototyping of the new/current tensioner system from years ago and the head tube that made it onto a run of Fourplay frames that nobody had any clue why they'd beefed it up but not changed the forks.
  11. I think it was @ItsMatt that shared these on Facebook. Loved the Radical bikes one and the weird Shaun Goddard edit was weird. Keep filming you guys look like you're having a wicked time in all of these videos!
  12. Serious business, absolutely fantastic and great edit! Do more!
  13. Enjoyed that and kept watching all the way. I like the rule you used giving a letter to someone for not making the set, different.
  14. I love a good detailed build thread. There was a model of zoot that some people did have disc tab issues. I can't say if it was due to running 203 or over tightening but they seemed to crack on the bolt hole area. If that ever got rectified or not I'm unsure as it was with the very early model that thinking back had red graphics.
  15. So good! Such a floaty style and really suiting that shorter Phat frame!