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  1. Reminded me of Rowan, nice work Flipp!! Really enjoyed seeing you riding differently for a change and just in awe of your taps.
  2. If it helps you decide, the geo of this model is very similar to that of the older foreplay so riders like Ali C, Danny Mac, Nick Cooke, Shrewsbury, Mark Westlake, Ben Rowlands and Duncan Shaw all rode them brilliantly and more recently Thom Triboulat on the Inspired team sending some massive things. So again I think it's a great idea to buy an entry level bike like this that has the capabilities it has. You could get one of those new Chinese frames that are on the market but the list of names I reel out would be way shitter.
  3. Sounds like a great idea to me the flow plus with arcade bars is more than good enough
  4. Can't we all just get along and agree it doesn't matter what you ride provided you're not French.
  5. Loved it Judders! It was awesome to see you riding with brakes after nearly a decade of non and seeing what lines you came up with using them. Hope you get to film some more now you have moved again.
  6. I have seen there are a few riders in street riding the Hope's and one of them especially is a heavy hitter on 26" so I have ordered a Hope as a bolt straight onto the bike no messing about no drama setup. So I can get back to riding especially now you can go elsewhere to ride. I also have a mt5 calliper and hose coming from some ghetto website to toy around with marrying that to the M810 lever. But happier knowing I have a spare brake in either case. Will report back to compare the Hope to the Saint
  7. I have finally after almost 7 years cracked my Shimano M810 caliper. I did at one stage of 2014 replace the caliper with a m820 but that snapped in a matter of weeks and I ended up just bleeding the old caliper back on. I put it lasting so long down to using washers on the bolts rather than letting the bolts dig in like most people seemed to do when they posted pictures of these cracking, over time it did get pretty worn down even with the washer. My options are get a cheap MT5 disc brake, snip off the lever and bleed the caliper over to my m810 lever. Does anybody know if these snap around the bolt holes still like the m820 calipers and to my untrained eye the MT5 caliper looks the same as a MT7? Or I just treat myself to a Tech 3/Trialzone Hope rear brake but are these powerful enough as a rear brake to hold a big guy on a 26"?
  8. I have been enjoying seeing all of the lockdown videos, people have been posting load of varied setups and all of them have been fun to see. This is the same, it's good to see you getting creative with things and doing loads of variations. Would like to see another one and what else you can come up with. The pop you got on the 180 gap was impressive, how far can you take that? The music reminded me of being in a restaurant, only negative.
  9. I've loved the memes, pictures and videos of the development of the v brakes he's posted this last 18 months and then seeing him ride a silent rear brake at that level is pretty incredible. It's ever so tempting to want to find an old element frame
  10. That is a lot better than I thought actually
  11. It seems to work out pretty well. I dread to think what the length of those chainstays are on that bike as well. I have seen some kind of edit of Joel riding this frame but I am sure it wasn't this edit. Thanks for posting.
  12. Looking at them side by side you would likely be upgrading similar parts on both of them as time went on and you progressed anyway. I think the Flow is the best frame kit and geo for somebody to be getting into the sport on the basis that it offers you that really nice mix between street influenced and trial specific geo. The reach is pretty much bang in the centre of the range now also so it won't feel short or super roomy while the Echo is one of the shortest you'll get and that I personally think makes it a fine line between some riders loving or hating it from the very start. Regards to Echo using the Spanish BB system to their credit Echo got that right from the moment they changed to it. I never had any issues with the bearings or axles when I rode them. I think a few riders may have had problems with a batch of ti axles at some point early on but most of them were Ross McArthur so it doesn't count.
  13. Amazing, both of them were enjoyable. Second video was a bit cheesy but you can't help but be amazed at his riding.
  14. Sounds like you just want to be toying with a new stem idea if you're finding it hard to lift the front up easily. Different bike but similar experience I just this week rebuilt my 26" up and hated it with the 110x35 stem it wouldn't lift up easily at all. My efforts seemed to be going entirely into setup rather than the move whatever the move was (bunnyhop,tap, gap or wheelswap). Then to just giving a 120x35 a go. Everything else set up the same so just a tad more rise/reach and now my bike effortlessly pulls up and finds that sweet spot on the back wheel. Tartybikes are still open and running so it's a pretty good lockdown project if you decided to order a fresh stem. Surprisingly their postage seems to be running normally as well.
  15. You seem to have something for everybody in your edits now and you somewhat manage to keep the edit very chilled out all the way through even though parts of it are ridiculous and new to the sport. The parts that aren't ridiculous are just really smooth well thought out lines so again something for everybody.