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  1. Yep, add Harden moor and Shipley Glen to the first comment and that wraps it up. He grew up at the bottom of the hill from the woods in Skipton. We used to ride down that as kids what he's managed to ride up (diagonally). Every time I go to ride Harden moor I have to question if the kickers are from the moto trials that happen there or Chris. Non the less that kicker up that he casually floats is serious business.
  2. We want to see shin digs!
  3. I sucks to read that you're unhappy with the outcome when it's so ruddy awesome! So good to see the lines you create at spots you've used in previous edits as well as all the new locations in this. Proper casual drop gap at (I think) Newcastle from an old Brett Penfold video.
  4. Great edit, mega chilled and liked the lines. @ben_travis reminded me of you in parts. Well one part. You know. That manual. FROM NOWHERE
  5. Ross is just jealous that you rather ride like Ben Travis than him
  6. Checking out the gloves I'm saying the Ryder cup
  7. Snip.
  8. Soon as I spotted the other natty location I was hoping to see him static the Akrigg cliffhanger gap. Ace video, he's just insane and because it's all smooth you have to know the locations to understand how stupid it all is.
  10. I enjoyed this. I think Yohan has a pending patent on bitch cranking to cash in on the rest of France's street stars, but other than that it was really cool to see. That first drop gap landing and reaction was class haha
  11. Major bump. It's a good vanishing act!
  12. Hey guys, Local ish. I rode Leeds a few weeks ago now with Guillermo. It's probably best you're new riders as it's quite depressing that some of the older spots we used y spend hours on are no longer. I kept striking unlucky and taking us to spots that was either gone or some kind of event was happening haha! I'm keen for a ride in September sometime I'm just waiting for an ankle injury to sort itself out so mid September a group ride would be awesome. There's a few riders around the Lancashire area all mixed level and style that travel around for the odd group ride. Dont worry about your level or style it's all about coming and riding with a smile.
  13. Haha!
  14. A shame that the original video of this trip is no longer on YouTube. It was a really fun few rides.