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  1. Yes, the ratchet ring stripping. Adam at Tartybikes pointed out a really good insight to me which I am going to mention to the boys when I go in. They have had a fair bit of stick from me now as I've moved local and ride with a few of the staff now. So I am hoping they'll listen to a local. Or better yet they'll get sick of me rocking up with broken hubs. Regards to the bearing issue. I'm sure they've resolved that in the pro4 design and most people that had issues are riders with the Pro 2 Evo. Strangely my original pro 4 hub which I can't date back exactly but I'm confident it was 2016 lasted until 2020. Then since I have stripped two more hubs both on 26" & 24" I've had a couple of PM's on here and Instagram pretty much assuring me that it's not a small issue. Shame as I don't really want to move away from Hope.
  2. Hi Guys, I am taking another stripped hub into hope to get sorted out but I have this week seen 3 other riders have also stripped their hubs. If anybody else on the forum has had this issue or knows somebody that has could you drop a reply in this topic. When I went into Hope about this recently I was told it's not an issue and I was the only person that has had this problem. It certainly doesn't look that way. I'd like to just go in with as many examples as possible to try and get this resolved somehow.
  3. My frame turned up no bother, took about 5 weeks in total
  4. That thing looks absolutely stunning!
  5. I have a Marino ordered. I sent the details for the frame & told him I would transfer him the money upon photos of the frame which I got yesterday. Paid that. I will transfer him the money for the shipping upon receiving tracking details which I have been sent a photo of the frame boxed up with my details on and told it goes out Friday. I have used Marino before previously & been sent items for postage cost previously so things are a bit different but hopefully the incentive helps speed things up. Unfortunately he will never change.
  6. It's been great to see your clips of late, making me want to get out and ride. I keep working right next to the glen but haven't found the time to combine a ride. Keep them coming!
  7. Everything flowed really well. The tricks fit into the lines perfectly and the mix of tricks and trials this time for me really does make it your best edit yet Ricardo! I'll look forward to seeing more from you again, but for now I am off to watch it again.....
  8. I have a pro 4 hub that is currently been okay since 2017. I got a new hope pro 4 2020 and that's been my issue. Without me having the same failure in the first (2017) hub I can't find out if the threads are different or not. My current hub Hope didn't use locktite but a bonding to try avoid this happening but I can't see it working.
  9. What I'm trying to avoid is having a threaded rear hub on 26" The Hope setup is shocking right now.
  10. So I'm having issues with the latest Hope Evo 4 hubs and this issue has cost Hope 4 hubs and me 5 wheel builds and it's getting pretty annoying now. I wondered if there was an option available where you can buy a fixed 135 splined disc hub and a 16t splined freewheel. Essentially meaning if you had an issue with the freewheel on this it's an easy agro free replacement and this would also for those of you who can work it out totally takes away the issue that myself and others I'm told are having with the Hopes. Hopefully something is available?
  11. Let's have a bit of fun. Post up what you think is the best soundtrack/song used in a trials video in the comments. The lead up to Christmas I'll post up a poll of the most popular ones and let that run up to Christmas day.
  12. Our house project just levelled up with me fitting the bath today. Well happy with how things are shaping up. New frame for my bike arrives next week. Pretty good start to December
  13. I really liked the athlete machine I thought that was fantastic but I think Danny is wise (and Fabio for that matter) to just do their own thing. I think the opportunity for Chris here is amazing to be put out to a wider audience so can fully see why he did it. But after watching his part again it just isn't anything on A hill in Spain or when be brought out that Welsh edit that got removed from YouTube.
  14. Had an Akrigg binge this morning and hated the RedBull edit but this was really fun to watch. Same Chris, different bike and the camera skill's were great.
  15. I didn't get into that at all. You'd think RedBull this time around we don't have to listen to a soundtrack like that, but nope. Worst one yet