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  1. I love a good detailed build thread. There was a model of zoot that some people did have disc tab issues. I can't say if it was due to running 203 or over tightening but they seemed to crack on the bolt hole area. If that ever got rectified or not I'm unsure as it was with the very early model that thinking back had red graphics.
  2. So good! Such a floaty style and really suiting that shorter Phat frame!
  3. For me it was always the original rock man kortz
  4. Arghhhhh Vlogs! The intro just doesn't work, everybody is having a go and everybody just sounds exactly the same doing it with these vlogs. Sorry Rich. It works on insta if you did it in your story and teased some clips later in your story. I guess I am just old and grumpy now! However the riding was great to watch and very enjoyable. The setup looks better and better each video you share also.
  5. Absolutely brilliant. Not much room for error on some of those quirky setups. I could only imagine how horrific some of those roll downs would feel on a compy setup bike and they just look effortless. Upto front and into that rolldown early on wasn't expected (from me anyway) and those are the best lines to chuck into edits.
  6. This! Think you need to br careful what you leave in that hot tub.
  7. Bumped into Akrigg a couple of weeks ago and he said he'd never even heard of John Stembury. "You've only got to make it almost rideable" made me chuckle
  8. Thanks for that! I guess the real reason for less people giving them a go is just lack of availability. They look great
  9. Franks Instagram but different guy, I'll give him a shout.
  10. Just seen the czar 26" has his Tartybikes shelves, does anybody have any experience with these? The build and geometry sound great to me but will it just snap straight away?
  11. That's impressive, especially around the head tube. That sticker on the head tube though...........
  12. I agree that looks really nice. I seem to remember someone like Adam Bessel having a equally tidy looking version in 26"
  13. Oh I'm sorry. I forgot asking a pretty serious question isn't the norm on T-F. Don't mind me, I'll just sit and think to myself who that hasn't already quit that I know would want a frame with a geo from 2005. Oh JJ Gonzales.
  14. I have been following these updates on Facebook but nice to see them on the forum and people picking your brains a little Mike. I think it's nice to some negative/positive towards these ideas. The disc only drawing looks great. Something I could see myself buying. I seem to remember Crewkers making a bike with a similar geo idea which caught my attention as at the time the people who used to troll the forum with "they don't make strong frames with a shorter lower geo anymore" had exactly that on sale at Tartybikes. I am sure it was 1065/1070 with a 40mm bb. Someone with more info will correct me but I imagine it wasn't the best seller due to the fact you can't buy them anymore. What realistically is the market for these with that in mind or would you be willing to make a geometry in these frames that could appeal more to the riders of 2018. I personally like the idea of 1065 and low bottom bracket but a longer headtube and steeper head angle could make this project rival the currently sold out hex.
  15. Did anything become of John's offer to talk to Marino regarding this issue? A local ex Trials rider to me just received his non trials frame kit (dirt jump or park idk) wondered if you had also?