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    Frame-Echo control Forks-Echo SL Bars-Trialtech risers Stem-Tarty bikes forged stem Headset-Echo SL Bottom bracket-Onza isis splined Cranks-Trialtech sport forged Pedals-Echo tr Bash ring-Trialtech titanium halfring Freewheel-Echo sl Chain-Trialtech lite Hub-Rear-Rockman screw on 135mm fixed Hub-Front-Echo TR disc Rear sprocket-Trialtech screw on 15T Front rim-Trialtech square hole-(Custom drilled sidewalls) Rear rim-Tryall hOle Spokes-Sapim double butted spokes-12mm steel nipples Tyres-Tryall sticky 2.0 front--Continental mountain king protection 2.4 rear Rear brake-Magura HS33 with Echo lever blade with Trialtech carbon 2 bolt booster,echo SL brake clamps and hard backed tango pads(rare pads) Front brake-Magura louise with carbon lever blade with IS post mount Grips-Trialtech foams
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    United Kingdom
  1. nice bike mate top spec as always lol looks like youve been decorating too.
  2. too big too ride lol youll have to give me a txt and ill come watch you
  3. nice pics mate some good pics from reculver. bike looking good
  4. hello mate long time no see lush bike. you never cease to amaze me lol you allways have the newest stuff out how you getting on mate
  5. no harm in coming on for look to see what goin on mate
  6. nah there sold mate

  7. Still got the Sl cranks forsale dude? Reaaaaaaaaaaally interested

  8. lush bike mate i knew ud buy this in the end lol. what you pay for it if you dont mind me askin take it the fans is goin now
  9. looks good mate how you getting on wiyh it
  10. still got the bleeding kit for sale? if you have email me ben.m_44@hotmail.com

  11. great vid mate such a good rider. what frame you on now
  12. cool, i'll talk to you through that as im gona be working all day tomorrow!

  13. have emailed you about echo frame

  14. got it still and email sent