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  1. Never been a fan of gloves to be honest. Foam grips have always been plenty soft enough. I feel with gloves you just can't feel the levers... Sounds strange but I just don't get along with them.
  2. Mike, you play golf?
  3. I had a dob mod. Adam read had one.. Rode his and I was sold. Loved that bike!
  4. Lols
  5. Air in the system. For the slow to return piston, u need to lube the pistons and the pull the lever whisky holding one piston down at one time.. So one piston fully goes in and out and lubes itself. Then repeat on the opposite piston.
  6. Yerp #radfest
  7. Usually 2 portaloo style showers on site all weekend. Dont suppose it will be any diffrent this weekend. Annes Pantry is supplying food all weekend. Variety of dishes available. Shes there from like 8-6 ish i guess. And yes..Pizza deliverys are still a thing. 20 inch pizza for a tenner.
  8. I can still remember the pic I put up of my gf at the time. No doubt daves got it saved on a harddrive!
  9. That's surely better than them practising their tactical dabs though @Ali C. I quite liked it.. Very NEC bike show 2000, and Nottingham bike battle. The days when it was exciting to watch.
  10. Haha thanks
  11. Still riding rockman 24
  12. What do those boys eat!?
  13. *Jeff