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  1. I love listening to music when I'm riding, Can't really say what you should listen to as that is down to you and the mood you're in/ride your on. but I'll tell you what i like, [*]Devil driver, self titled. you can never go wrong with some nice angry metal. they're fast and shouty, ideal for thrashing about. tracks to try - Devils son, I dreamed I died, Die (and die now) [*]Wu tang clan - wu tang forever. I love this 'best of' album from wu It's great for slower, smooth technical stuff. tracks to try - reunited, severe punishment [*]The Lillingtons - Death by television. Fast paced heavily vocalised jump up american punk rock. This is perfect for goin nuts trying to hurtle yourself rapidly off big stuff with a nymphonmaniacal grin spead wide acroos your face. the more eagle - eyed might recognise on of the tracls from the first evolve video. Trarcks to try - murder on my mind, codename: peabrain, x-ray specs, I need some brain damage. [*]The offspring - americana. good fun head bangin' sing - along pop punk from america. great for any point on any ride if you ask me (but what do i know?) tracks to try - walla walla, staring at the sun, no brakes, she's got issues . [*]Forign beggars - asylum speakers. A masterful album from the british hip hop collective. I love this album it has all the music you'll need for an entire ride. junp up fast paced to get You going, angry to keep you going and chilled to get you home. Tracks to try - gimme that, what goes up, getaway That's just five in detail but in les detail, Roni size/reprazent - in the mode, machinehead - the blackening, gnarls berkely - ST. Elsewhere, stereophonice - performance and cocktails, anything by manu chao, megadeth - rust in peace, disturbed - the sickness, the specials - self titled, high contrast - tough guys don't dance, kings of leon - youth and young manhood. Hope this is of some help to somebody, my final and top tip: If anyone reccomends something to you, youtube it and see if you like it before you buy it. But make sure you actually give it a chance or you might miss something great!