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  1. Hi guys basically got a teething issue with my projector/xbox 360/hd feeview/surround sound dvd player im using an optoma hd70 projector and get no issues through playing the xbox however when pairing the surround sound with the freeview for example i get a fussy screen until i go through a lengthy processes or restarting each appliance until they all work in sync im using a very basic hdmi splitter into my projector as it only has one hdmi output and i think this may be the issue, its only allowing one sourse to be read from the projector at any one time, im using this I know this is cheap but looks more ideal than what i have just after general ifo/suggestions if anyones in the know, thanks in advance
  2. Think i need the reducers and the spacers for frame to shock depending on clearance the bolts i need i can get on ebay m6 x 40 m8 x 80 Could get this but seems a bit rich The frame is a kona kuku 1999 in fact cant find a picture of one built anywhere, ive just been building this with spares on ebay and have just got stuck on the rear shock set up. Appeciate your comments and feedback will keep searching, might just need the bush reducers for the bottom mount to fill the gap and reduces and spacer for the top.
  3. Got an old kona kuku frame (2000) and just bought a fox rear float shock, however does anyone know where i can get the bolts and spacers/bushings for the shock in between the swing arm etc? v similar swingarm to stinkys etc actually know what bolts i need just need spacers/bushings but cant find them for my model anywhere
  4. I used to be indecisive, but now im not so sure

  5. Looks fine, and does seem to acknowledge that the cable is plugged in as the screen goes blank for a second but then off, the vga cable itself is definitely fine too cheers
  6. Basically been running my projector through my laptop via the vga cable until the other day where i plugged the vga cable in the laptop and got no response from the laptop or projector, whereas it would normally connect itself automatically. ive tried everything i can think of, fn + f4, windows mobility center, display settings through desktop etc, tried various settings on all and searched but have had no luck. Was working a few days ago and even tried to restore my laptop from an earlier date but was unavailable, the projector works on other laptops just mine will not recognise it recently, any ideas would be much appreciated.
  7. Cheers for the advice, will just have to look for a banned one on the cheap, if anyone knows anyone lemme knoiw
  8. Hi just thought id ask you guys if you could lend a hand with this, basically my xbox 360 wont read discs it started with call of duty then would play other games and all dvds, now it wont read anything and on the xbox home page just shows up as reading then states open tray etc. the xbox has had a few knocks and is fairly old but has been fine always up until recently. Are them lens cleaning discs worth a go? also tried on the microsoft website, tried clearing cache, removing hard drive etc cleaniong discs etc , even tried barand new discs with no luck. feeling quite lost at uni without call of duty, somoeone shine some light please.
  9. ah nice one think im finally on track then, gonna get this yamaha 5.1 amp, hdmi splitter, 2 5m hdmi leads, a set of 5m rca leads? need speakers aswell actually but have plenty for the time being.
  10. Got my laptop connected as a temp measure Yamaha RX V-392 RDS have 5.1 would that suffice as an amp/receiver? any ideas on price to be paying too? cheers if i got such an amp with speakers id need a hdmi 1 to 2 splitter? (would this reduce quality at all?) Also i already have a philips hd dvd player which has the following connections-hdmi out, tv out, pb, y, pr, digital out/coaxial, l,r(audio out), scart and mains. Whats spdif? any more help much appreciated cheers
  11. Just wondering in the rushed panic of trying to get audio woirking, a mate has given me an alesis ra150 amp from his old deck set up, it has two channels which i thought i could connect to some of the spare connections in the back of the projector but not proving too fruitful. would this be a case of pure incompatibility or is there anything i can do to get it working? desperatre to hear gunfire on cod haaa . . .
  12. haaa no way ive dreamed of such a moment, i should be playing with my mates on a 10ft projector screen in about 15 minutes should be pretty wu tang. never played online just always play multiplayer at uni, heard nothing but good about it though, considered getting it but probably should'nt as my uni life consists of 60 percent doobs with call of duty, 35 percent whiskey and 5 percent uni work . . .
  13. its my life and soul
  14. Ouch, read the sicilian/godfather then re watch
  15. Cheers for the info lads, really appreciated think ill go down the 5.1 route on ebay or so forth just means i wont have sound for a week, dont suppose there's anyway of me using my brothers tv with hdmi input as a speaker source? probably would just be used as the source rather than the xbox and a case of either or? are yamaha the amps to go for too or any known make ? cheeers