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Guidelines - Read before posting!


1. General rules.

Within the classifieds section you are agreeing to the following:

  • You may only sell your own personal property, so no selling for friends or other non forum members.
  • No more than one bump every 24 hours.
  • No topics for 'Testing the water'. You're either going to sell the item or you aren't.
  • All correspondence must be kept within the thread until the deal is agreed and personal details are to be exchanged either via email or pm.
  • When an item is sold please update the original post to say the item has now been sold. Do not simply delete it from the thread.

You may not sell:

Any type of counterfeit goods.

Items that may be deemed unfit for family use or require permits for use. As example and including any actual firearms or replica firearms, drugs or medication, alcohol, knives or other weapons.

Any items that may be illegal within the uk.

2. Advertising items within the classifieds section.

  • Only one thread per person at any one time. You may have a single thread open in both the for sale and wanted sections at the same time but multiple threads in either section is not permitted.
  • A price must be outlined within the original post. Threads without asking prices will be closed.
  • All adverts must describe whether the price includes postage or not. If not it will be assumed the listed price includes the cost of postage.
  • All goods must be described accurately. Items that are sent out that do not match with their description may be raised for dispute by the other party. Offending parties will be warned and may receive a permanent forum ban.

3. Making an offer.

  • Offers above the asking price are not allowed. The classifieds section is not an auction and trying to outbid another member will not be tolerated.
  • The first person to offer the asking price for the item secures the deal. This is intended to stop people placing 'dibs' on items, only to pull out later.
  • If the seller agrees to a lower price than originally asked it will become the new asking price for the item.
  • All correspondence will be discussed in the thread. Only payment and postage details are to be sent via PM. This keeps the trade conditions visible for the moderating team to keep an eye on and allows for recourse should anything not go to plan.

4. Recommended steps.

We recommend that before the exchange of money or goods from either party that both parties send the following information either by email or PM.

  • Full name
  • Full Address
  • Home telephone number
  • Email address
  • Photographs of the item
  • Details of how the item is being sent and when it is expected to arrive.

5. Disputes.

If you feel a problem has arisen within your trade you may contact a member of the moderating team and/or open a new thread in the disputes section outlining the circumstances of the dispute.

Any members with a dispute brought against them will be contacted by the moderating team requesting the problem to be rectified within a given time limit.

Anyone who fails to honour their deal in a trade after being requested to come to an agreement by the moderating team will have their details published in the disputes thread as a warning of their previous dealings for other members. This is to protect genuine members within the forum from fraudsters. Any accounts used with fraudulent intent will be banned permanently. By trading within the forum members agree for their details to be used in the way outlined above in these circumstances.

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