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  1. Looks good to me. Nice one!
  2. I made similar doors to what you're talking about (I think!) - "shaker style" (but with a plywood panel, not T&G) using just a table saw. Initially I borrowed a trend router and table off a mate, but got on better with the table saw and a sled. So if you have a table saw that's fairly accurate, it's possible. This sort of design:
  3. AVE - intro to ave: how to sharpen a mower blade Matthias Wandel Rainfall Projects - maybe my favourite channel, bit of everything but a lot of welding and making cool stuff Salt & Tar - follows a couple building a big boat from scratch
  4. I was in exactly the same situation as you. I paid up the tax, paid to get the clamp removed and thought it was done and dusted. Then I moved house. 6 months later someone from my old house forwarded me a letter saying I owed £500 odd and debt collectors were after me. It turned out it went to court and I got fined, but I had no idea that was happening. So.. it may go to court yet. I don't know how it works nowadays, or if that's a welsh thing.
  5. I suspect 10 year old you would say that 18 year old you is old. Really old. But you don't feel old. I'm 32 and I'm still waiting to feel old! It never seems to happen.
  6. It would take longer than 5 mins... depends really, but even a super simple app (which this is not) will take at least a few days from start to finish. Did you see that episode of the apprentice where they made an app in 24hrs? They had a team of like 20 developers working on it and all it did was play a fart sound when you clicked a button. I suspect there's already something out there that already does what you want. Collaborative google maps might be worth a look. In fact:
  7. I've had my fair share of tooth ache! It's the worst, you have my sympathy. Best you can get over the counter here is codeine. You can get that either in co codamol (8mg codeine, 500mg paracetamol) and neurofen plus (12.8mg codeine and 200mg ibuprofen). You can mix and match paracetamol and ibuprofen, so put them together and you have up to 40mg codeine per dose. That's a fair bit. If you're going on holiday to somewhere outside the EU you might be able to pick up some stronger pain killers (valium or diazepam or something) over the counter.
  8. "The bank confirmed that the decision to make further cuts was taken before the EU referendum on 23 June."
  9. Have you moved in with my tenant (Steve)?
  10. I agree, it's not going to happen(!!), I think the only way it might have worked would be to ditch pretty much all the 'the' threads and go back to having a completely random set of threads.. less structure, no 'you should post here'.. some nonsense, some quick questions about fridges, some 'pics from this weekend', some car updates, the point being that chit chat would turn over more quickly and keep things a bit more interesting than they are now. More like how it used to be, and more like how websites with user submitted content are. Unfortunately, if I'm honest, I think it's too late for that. Making that sort of change would probably be the final straw for chit chat. And no worries, I appreciate the thought of being helpful at least
  11. edit: for clarity, this is to JD I think I understand you now. The next/current generation, as you say, don't use the internet in the same way we do/did. Forums in general are going downhill as people move to tumblr, instagram, fb etc. We're in agreement on that. I have known that for maybe 10 years, I would go as far as saying (with access to analytics on a pretty busy forum) that I saw it happening first hand for maybe 2 or 3 years before there was any real noticeable change for the average user. I can't change that trend, nor do I really want to, I'd just like to make the best of what we have. My point, and my only point is that I feel (and have done for years) that having a set number of 'catch all' threads limits the amount of conversation we see in Chit Chat. That is the very reason they were set up in the first place. I don't think TF can be rescued or turned around by deleting threads and forcing anyone to do anything, or that any action at all will ever bring back to 'the old TF'.
  12. I understood very little of that. I will leave you to posting in 6 threads whilst simultaneously complaining there are only 6 threads, I'm out.
  13. The whole original point of the 'the' threads was to try and bring a bit of order to an otherwise chaotic chit chat. I believe you're referring to the 'old TF'. That question, and thousands of others like it, would since have been posted in 'the random small questions thread'. So we have had an opportunity for 1000's of new threads with 30 replies each, but instead we have one thread. That kind of activity (your fridge thread) literally dried up within a few weeks of the RSQ thread getting started, with people shooting down new topics saying 'post in RSQ!'. At the time there was a need for some sort of order because we had a crazy number of users, and RSQ bought some order. Times have changed dramatically and I simply don't understand why people think we still need that order. This is my whole point. How much new potentially new content disappeared into a 'the' thread over just the past month, or 6 years? How many new users, over the past 4 years have looked at chit chat, thought 'this place is dead, there's no new content since 2012' or 'I don't want to butt into this 4 year old conversation' or 'i don't want to post a new topic for fear of it being in the wrong place'? Edit: appreciate the effort Mark, but don't do it on my behalf, I just get a bit peeved when people say 'this place is dead' or 'i miss how it used to be' whilst at the same time not wanting to change anything, it's a bit late for that anyway (to make that clear: I will not be closing any threads or changing anything or performing any admin duties in any way)
  14. I've been there, almost.. m32 anyway. It's not like our m32. Gr8 thread btw. lol.
  15. I'm confused. In my opinion the 'the' threads swallow up a lot of potentially interesting conversation. Leading (among many, many other things) to the slow demise of Chit Chat. I think thats my point.