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  1. doesnt actualy have to be in oxford, just with in reasonable driving distance
  2. Anyone know of any, other than the bit at burton dasset near banbury Cheers
  3. dunno where you got 90brake from. S1 has 100bhp, S2 has 103 and a good bit more torque s2 does 60 in 8.5sec while gti is 8.4. So difference aint too much. I think the popularity of the rallye is just its general coolness and its a bit different
  4. i can see it would be nice in a straight line, espcially overtaking and so on but surely trying to squeeze power on out of a corner and other bits where precise throttle control is required has got to be a festival of torque steer even with a carefully designed torque curve. combined with the fact that most of the cars related will have relativly small engines which need alot of FI to get that sort of power and big turbos rarely lead to precise throttle or am i just being a negative nora
  5. out of interest, not lookin to start an another argument do people here really think massive power ie 300bhp + is a good idea in fwd cars
  6. its not going to handle that well, yes 106s / saxo generally hande great but one with massive wheels on paint on tires with over 300 brake going through what is presumably an open diff is going to be somewhat of a handful at least
  7. Main brookes campus on gipsy lane in terms of motorsport engineering it probably has the best employment prospects and connections dunno bout rugby though
  8. where the real men go, i'll be there becoming a motorsport engineer
  9. depends if its the fancy or normal one
  10. couple of pics of 'gundam' on here, not my best pics really but he'll be pleased to see them
  11. Anything that says nigeria is a scam basically
  12. what exactly can you do in terms of crazy new concepts for a front hub. maybe the shell should be fluro and pre drilled out is no more basic than any other front hub. look at hope, simple works and their hubs are popular i like it, nice and simple with good lines would prob be popular in the bmx world
  13. people not indicating on roundabouts really grinds my gears if it were up to me you;d get 12 points and a slap for not indicating properly
  14. for a new driver u loose your full license if caught on your phone twice so its pretty strict, i dont think it would stop people doing it they know the risks are pretty high but have gotaway with it before so do it again as for speeding its bollocks that all speed it bad. its just dickheads that use inappropriate speed. On a quite dry motorway i see no issue with doing 85 or 70 on some big a roads however its just people dont realise how fast they are going for some condtions. Thats the problem with speed limits, no one thinks for themselves anymore or has common sence, they jsut see a sign that says 60 on it so drive at 60 no matter what the conditions are cause that must be ok. Saying that30 limits in residential areas are required, possibly even dropping to 20 in the wet
  15. The test isnt too hard or easy, its just generally irrelevant. Its easy to pass and easy to fail at the same time, a safe driver can fail easily doing something that isnt dangerous but fails them jsut due to nerves. Problem is no discretion is used on part of the examiner, they dont use theyre brain to get a general idea of what the driver is like just tick boxes. As for the age thing upping the age limit aint gonna help, i know 16 year olds who are mature and would drive sensibly and 21year olds who drive like dick heads and visa versa. Obviously its pretty impossible but you need some sort of dick head test I rekon instructors should have more say in weather people pass as they spend alot more time with the pupil than an examiner and probably have a better judgment of the type of person they are