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  1. Here's a little edit I put together of my buddy Jon and I riding this past week. Nothing ground breaking but figured a couple bros on Inspireds havin July fun was worth a share. enjoy.
  2. Got the pleasure of riding with a legend this summer. Super nice guy. Here's some of the footage I got. Enjoy.
  3. Pretty happy with this video of some riding back in July.
  4. Thanks guys. Tryin to show our scene here over in NA.
  5. Thought I'd share this here... a video I shot (while competing and post comp) at some of the North American Trials Series events. Enjoy.
  6. Made it to Tennessee! Got another National tomorrow!! Pumped!

  7. Here's a little edit I made from when I stayed at my friend Sam's house in upstate NY. He built everything in his backyard himself! Sooo fun to ride!
  8. So my buddy and I decided to go out on the town last weekend and gets some HQ shots. He's into photography and I like to ride so it worked out. At the end of our first session we got approached by a couple girls who wanted to get in on some of the shots so we let them. Callie is modeling in Italy this summer... Nothing super crazy, just going for some interesting shots. Thanks to Colorad02 Potography for the pics. Check em out on Facebook at the link and like my page to show some support I'm roadtripping all around this summer to ride and do comps... http://www.facebook....=1&l=7471793162
  9. Buena Vista comp this weekend... rain and sleet!!

  10. Thanks for the comments guys ! Yea it really annoying... I must say that I actually broke my foot though, not just the toe. The first scene was how I broke my foot in July and I'm fully recovered. Just got 2nd place in a comp last weekend Doesn't really hurt at all anymore but yea, it has been a long painful, gradual process since I broke it last July.
  11. So I broke my foot last July and this is my "comeback" video of sorts..
  12. yea you're right, it was better. Awesome style and flow. really enjoyed.
  13. Footage from the Salida Trials Comp in Salida, Colorado this past weekend. I always liked watching full sections so I thought I'd make a video of some- pretty raw... enjoy.
  14. This was filmed in March of 2011 when Jon Tollerud and I rallied up with Aran IOLO Cook in Las Vegas and embarked on a roadtrip to the Keyesville Classic event. We went to through the Nevada desert, stopped at Joshua Tree National Park and finally, Keyesville, California. This was such a chill trip and just so much fun. This is the first movie I have EVER filmed/edited and I did so using the Movie Maker default program on Windows Vista. Hope you enjoy.