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  1. hey buddy, been a long time. Good to hear you got a trials bike again. Would be cool to get together for a ride. Take it easy.

  2. Dude! Just glanced at your status and noticed your name. I've finally got the trials bug again after selling my bike a few years back, I have just brought the exact same one back again! Hope all is well. Be good to have a ride again some time. Bozz

  3. Well here's a pretty lame vid of me kurb riding on the old beast. Pretty impressed with the Video DJ on my phone to!
  4. Nice to see another one! Can i ask how it's life came to an end? Any weak points? I see they treated you to the reynolds decals on the seat stays. Some Forgetful fellow must have stickered mine up. I wonder how many were made... I can just about make out the number 009 underneath my bb. Yep, I officially love steel weather it be my trials frame, DJ frame or xc bike. Keep it real. My jaw dropped when i saw each and every last component exactly the same as i left it and not even one extra battle scar. A ride at the end of april sounds good.
  5. Yep, i'm hiding in the wood. There's a few area's to ride that aint to bad. I'll have to see when people can make an appearance and keep you posted.
  6. Where abouts are you based? i'm always up for some street/park but i'm gonna get a bit of practice in locally for a little while. Will keep you posted.
  7. I'm in Eastwood, Nottingham. Bordering Derbyshire.
  8. It sure is. I purchased this thing new when they were first released, preordered it after hanging around the Pashley stand all day drooling at the Bikeshow. Maybe 2004? Sold up around 3 years ago but now everyone's buying new bikes again and i'm over the moon this thing came about, couldnt have worked out better!
  9. Hi all, I cant believe i've never posted on this forum after all these years but better late than never. Back in the day i finally got a bike i was 100% happy with and then stupidly decided to jack trials in and flog the bike.... Just the other day after thinking i need to get some skills back i had a look for a nice trials bike and to my amazement one of the first one's i spotted just so happened to be my old bike with every last component exactly the same as i left it! I couldn't let the opportunity slide and went and picked it up. Here she is.