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  1. Yup - unfortuantley I dont have a garage
  2. Heads up to everyone who has an eye on a new bike shed - Asgard are giving away a brand new Access Bike Shed - click here for more details win an asgard bike shed here In association with Cycling Active Enter before 20th August!
  3. Hi all Just a quick heads up –Unfortunately, My friend Pete has just had his collection of bikes (road, mtb, trial) pinched from his garage. The thieves climbed onto the roof, took some slates off, dropped into the garage, walked them out of the garage, down the drive, down the street and into the back of a van (useless neighbour saw them load it into the van and never thought to mention it) . So be warned all!!! I will be posting pics and a couple of serial numbers on a few forums (apologies if you have read this else where) at some point this week - just in case the bikes pop up on a for sale ad some where. This is the 2nd person I know who has had their garage roof opened up and bikes nicked. A new trend maybe? So, make sure you lock that bike up good and tight. I had 4k worth of road bike nicked about 18 months ago so I ended up buying a dedicated bike storage lock up garage thing which I built around the back of the house (after seeing one at a show in Earls court) within 2 weeks of buying the bike some one had a go at the unit (while I was at work), but couldn’t get in ) – I’m sure they must have followed me home from a road ride or seen it on the back of the car. So, as much as I hate spending money on practical things like that – it is worth it (or has been for me). The one I got was direct from the manufacturer a place called asgard cycle storage here. I have to be honest it cost a fourtune to buy (£400) – but after the hassle I had trying to get my money out of the insurance company – (5 months to get a new bike from E and L) it is worth it. Bike insurance is a great idea until you try and actually claim – it’s a nightmare. Take care all! – and check whos behind you if you ride home! Silver
  4. Hi All - Newish boyhere - Nice forum - some useful info This section caught my eye! I am about to invest in a helmet camera - I was going to go for a Vhold. I thought I would just ask if anyone out there had got one of these?? they do this one which liked the look off - demos look good - though a limited capacity (follow link on ebay seller to se the footage - or a much cheaper one here much lower quality - but may just good enough. I do a lot of normal photography of other riders (I can post a few if any one is interested.) I just think it is time to capture some of MY action shots! - Oh yeah!! Silver Streak (Si) - also know as brown streak when at speed camera other camera option I would be interested to see what you guys use :OI) Cheers
  5. Thanks! Ps have i posted in the wrong bit?!...please dont kick me out!!
  6. Hey guys! been recommended to join this forum..i've been cycling for a couple of years..some might say i'm the competitive type I've got a Onza PRO and i love it!!! Anyway, hello to all! C.F