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  1. Off up there now mate
  2. Ye thats fine mate myt go bk up there later
  3. Few pics of today please bare in mind not rode in years the wood a safty "net" My cousin all up to bk wheel over the gap from ledge and quick pic of a mates classic giant from when we used to ride built back up Feel good for my first ride suprising how you remember lol
  4. Few quick pics finally found a place to store her out the way
  5. Cheers will do thanks mate
  6. Cheers guys my better half has told me to piss off and ride it because cant get over the build quality had quick blast in the back yard so far feels so nice backhops and front hops feel so controlable and static 360's a breeze almost un real
  7. Its finally turned up big thanks to neil @ freeflow bikes will post pics when i get out on it
  8. Had a slight problem getting hold of a skye but thanks to neil at freeflow and helping me out on a sunday its finally ordered thanks for replys again and a thanks again to neil
  9. Awesome piece of kit mate order mine tomorrow but be stayin orange for a while anymore pics
  10. Bike getting ordered on Monday thanks to a mate of mine owns a bike shop and doing abit of a deal;) will post pics as and when really looking forward to riding again
  11. Ye bout 6 years then 3 between bmx and trails bud so kinda looks like a good all rounder
  12. Cheers guys ye I no price bit steep but it's my treat think I might be ordering one Monday and look forward to anymore comments and feedback
  13. Hi new to the site but after a bit of a break from ridin due to many commitments and riding a lot more trails etc im looking for a 24" trials bike. After a lot of looking ive fallen for the skye and fits the bill for me anybody give me any reviews or overlook of the bike before i part with my cash any help appreciated and look forward to replys Brent