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  1. I think that was an old geo photo should be 380mm, its dead tight with the 2.4 tyre. Scares me slightly May have taken some inspiration from yours aye will pop some more photos up, it's not the most colourful of builds though
  2. Gonna try it myself at first, probably absolutely butcher it but be fun to try
  3. It's a Hope on there at the moment, but aye those Hayes ones look meaty
  4. Ah yes I've seen a few go, what adaptor do you recommend?
  5. Got myself my first ever brand new trials frame a few weeks back! Cheers to Ross McArthur for the delivery and of course Marino himself. Been riding a Hex for the past couple of years and never really liked its shape, rode nice but the non rear disc was a bit off putting also could have done with shorter chain stays. Had a Pashley 26Mhz for years as well, loved its looks and the feel of the steel. So I wanted a kind of mix between old school looks and new school-ish geometry. Seat tube length is probably not to everyone's taste's but its mint for having a wee seat on and is in keeping with the whole old school thing. She's not totally finished still not got round to getting a bashring sorted yet and could do with a few more silver bits. Boring I know but spec is as follows: Frame/Forks: Marino 26inch, integrated seatclamp, rear disc, horizontal dropouts, standard headtube, 73mm bb. Bars: Inspired Arcade Risers Headset: Hope (that has lasted forever, had for about 5 years never changed the bearings ) Stem: Trialtech 90mm x 25 deg Grips: Lizard skins Danny Macs Brakes: Deore front 203mm rotor - Zee back 180mm rotor (will get a 203mm rotor for the rear at some point) Cranks: Old SLX (that have lasted forever) 22t Chainring 17t Sprocket Pedals: Old Superstars (that have lasted forever) Chain: Some old KMC sketch piece Wheels: DMR DeeVee rims, Hope Pro 2 Hub, Chosen Rear Hub Tyres: DMR Moto 2.4s Saddle: Inspired Pivotal with post Was meant to get a few clips to go with this post but weather has been rubbish. Will update this once I've got some nice ones. I reckon Marshley is a good name for her. Gonna get a proper metal head badge made also.
  6. Thanks very much for today! Was great fun, hope to be at the Bob MacGregor round in June.