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  1. Is this the guy you're looking for?
  2. sounds good, will PM
  3. Unfortunately I don't have any more pictures but yes from a bit more discussion found out it's a Danny holroyd 24seven - good spot! He is after £250, what do you think?
  4. Hi All - does anyone know what bike this is? I'm thinking of buying it but unsure what it actually is! And how much do you think it is worth? Thanks!
  5. Preferably a stock, I used to have an Onza T-Bird and T-Pro so only ridden a mod, but think that as I'm a 23 now and was 14/15 then I'll prefer the bigger bike. Do you have any pictures which you can send over and price you are looking for? Must be a big back pack??
  6. Perfect, thanks! Now just need a bike
  7. Hi All - New here, looking to buy a trials bike again for the first time in a while! Does anyone have any experience of riding in London? In the sense that I don't have a car and riding to different spots via the bike lanes on the roads would be pretty awful on a trials bike! Ok to ride on the path? Thanks!
  8. Found this link on another thread with spots to ride. I'm South West London based and looking to buy a trials bike so will be up for a ride once I've found one! (Haven't rode for about 8 years though!) "Try this link from Mark W"