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  1. aup it wont let me have personal convo

  2. Ha, Waddy that bikes crap, you know MR kenny is better . Nar only joking this bike is rather good, but not as good as Cya tomoro Waddy at glen. Morton
  3. I will most definatly be there, and i know Ginger Dan is going up too. Morton
  4. Think a few lads are going to leeds tomoro bolty, think they are going quite early though. Liam you say you'll turn up but you never do. To Max's first post yer i will be most definatly be going up, probably be towed up buy Ginger Dan. Morton
  5. did u buy that bike of Fealy looks very similar to his old one, if you did buy it off him it rides well nice. But yer looks mint maybe get two matching rims and it will be perfect, but looks great as it is Morton
  6. thats orite its awsome up there anyways when its wet.
  7. im off up sunday Morton
  8. Now then liam Yer ill be up there with Chris de boyes, possible some others, whats the wether ment to be like? Morton
  9. Yer u can say that again, u out on sunday then mite pop out for a bit. also i thought you sold your bike? morton
  10. Ur the gay! I probably will be there, i have a prior arangement but ill try and get out of it.
  11. i very dought wayne will be able to come, he probably be held up by work, not sure though, Which day are we going on, i personally think sundays better less shoppers.
  12. Please dont i rather like my bike
  13. yer nice 1 wayne well said about Barbara, she puts so much into tyke trial U out tomoro bout 3 ish though, get a bit of ridin done if u want think chris finishes eary aswell so should be good
  14. yes mate ill prob be there, depends what day and what time, sundays better for me. Liam which station you goin from and back to if u understand me. ill also try and get some lads to come probably some of the keighley lot. Morton
  15. good god Fruitbat back on trials bike. ill be up at bout 1ish u all better be there, Morton