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  1. i have broken the front hub on my bike i took it off my jump bike because i wanted to run a front disk so i need to get a new one so my question is i don't want to pay loads for a chris king or anything!!! i have a hope rear hub and it needs to be a disk hub oh and i need a new front brake and frame .... so lots of money over all.. i'm running on a zoo pitbull long and i don't like it i want to get a short version of something... also what is better for a front brake cable or hydro?? maybe a hope mini (not so sure) thanks people cheers chris
  2. my mate got me into trials.. he got his first koxx levelboss and i was like O.M.G. so i when and bought a old school t-pro (2002).. and i never got the hang of if so i stoped :$ when i with my mate when he rides i allways feel like y cant i do tricks like that so i bought his spare zoo off of him and now im starting to get somewhere just no one lives near me cheers chris
  3. if you have a litte bit of money to spend i would say get an avid bb7, or any type of disk for the front! cheers chris
  4. watch videos on You tube, its great watching then if it aint dark, or too late then i will atempt to do some of the things that are on there. i dont get home from college till 7 sooo... not much time to practice and i work at the weekends... :$ i can only do 180 endo and things so i need to watch as many videos as possible!!! cheers chris
  5. hahaha isn't there any other sites u can look on... and when u gettin that julie off lol ive got a g*y cable disk on mine gd luck c u at college on monday cheer chris
  6. cheers all right my mate had it wrong the alex rim is acutally is a onza ronnie... so ive decided to go to the tryall rim thanks all
  7. my mate has 2 full wheel builds and hes selling them i was jsut thinking which one i sould get off him
  8. sooooo.... its 1-1 i have the chose of getthing a full wheel build all the same apart form the rim!! thats why i would like to know wats best cheers all
  9. whats better an alex dx- 32 or a try-all rear cheers chris ps: need a quick answer
  10. i mean the salisbury in wiltshire (down south)
  11. sup all just want to know some more saisbury riders than just 1 person.... :$ so if ur from salisbury or ride there often can u wack ur msn addy down on here cheers chris mines:
  12. ive riden the bike and the componts ar pretty sound the frame just has a dent but no cracks!!!! since im a begginer im not really good enought to bosh it anymore i should be getting some pics 2 nite thanks luke... cheers chris
  13. the pitbull is an 05 with a medium dent in the frame and with a hope ti summin for the rear hub... try all rear rim echo urban forks and some sh*t stem... for £350 with coust pads and maggies wat u think sorry got no pics at the mo cheers chris
  14. i just to have a old t-pro and i sold it cos i coulent ge the hang of it but now i want to start again my mate havs a zoo pitbull that he is going to sell.... people may rip me cos i have the all the gear and no idea....!!!! what to do think the zoo is a bit battered soo it is pretty cheap.... cheers chris
  15. for a beginner what is easier to ride a 20 or 26" cheers