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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the Onza genesis 20" bottom bracket axle width that originally came on the bike? I know the bb shell is 68mm
  2. I bought a set of breeth disc forks in the end, hopefully they suit the frame. Does anyone know what bottom bracket axle width came on the original genesis, I know the BB shell is 68mm but unsure of the axle width? Cheers
  3. Thanks Adam, right I need to find some 45mm+ forks then. Not easy on my budget though, lol
  4. Does anybody know the offset of the Onza genesis 20" forks (original purple forks)??
  5. No offense m8, But i havent got time to wait around talking sh*t on the forum untill i get upgraded to a different account.
  6. I am selling a 20" koxx level boss (long) on EBAY £290 + £20 P+P;Category=33503 cheers