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Right... loads of people keeps askin about koxx djinn, where to get it, what is it like... so I thought il post a new topic about it :-

Koxx Djinn is out for quite a while, just people from www.koxx.co.uk doesnt upload their website a lot, so there is not a lot informatiom about it :D :D .

First of all, you can get it from NSE, so you should phone them... Dont think can you buy it online yet... :D oh, and its £450 with delivery

NSE - Phone & Fax 07000 442232 :thumbsup:

Iv got it for about a month, and I dident had any big problems with it! The frame is well welded so I dont think it will snap easy :D :thumbsup:. And the best, it is verrrrrrryyy nice on back wheel!!! :thumbsup:

Heres a bike spec...

FRAME D J I and and aluminium XX

FORK Chromoly V-brakes


SADDLE Tryall mini seat

BRACKET Try-all 35° 175mm

PEDALS Try-all aluminium 152 mm


CHAINS reinforced



RIMS Try-all drilled

FRONT HUB Try-all aluminium

HUB ARRIERE Try-all aluminium

TIRES have 20CX2.0/AR 20CX2.5

PEDALS Try-all

COLOUR Brushed aluminium

WEIGHT round 10 kgs

For more info PM me :sweating: :D

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it is verrrrrrryyy nice on back wheel!!!  :thumbsup:

Ill second that, My mate recently got one, its a VERY nice bike, rides like a dream on the backwheel, VERY simler to a levelboss, well recmended for beginers or experts :D

However, the back brake is POO :D front one does the job and feels quite nice, but the bake one just dont work :D

SO, great bike but get some decent brakes and your sorted :-

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