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Its always good when young riders want to put trials on instead of just riding in them. Adam Stembrowicz, a member of the EBTC has asked our help to put one on in the Norfolk area with a view to perhaps starting a club. He will be Clerk of the Course and can be contacted on 07886 577226

This will be held at Little Lodge Farm,Santon Downham, nr Thetford on Sunday 10 August - so if youre interested please contact Dave on 01702 559137 evenings before 9 pm for further details of licence and entry forms. Entry is NOT on the day.

EBTC members - entry forms will be emailed to you (camping available)


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just to let you know most of the trialser in this area dont drive and wont know many areas beyond the train lines lol

as thats how we get places...

where is Santon Downham??

ever thought about sheringham boulders for comps?

ask ranking about them.. hes been a few times

just an idea

EDIT: just put Santon Downham, in google maps and its in suffolk... eeeeek

thats 25 miles from the nowich lot

and 40 miles from us natty riders

along norfolk roads thats like longggggerrrrrrr

and just from knowing this lot,

they wont travel that far and fill out all the forms for it if there isnt going to be local stuff, im not tryin to be an ass but iv known them for like 2 years and it isnt gunna happen, apart from others that we may not know about...?

also! there arnt many trials riders round here anyways, mainly due to people never seeing it

iv never had some one come up to me and sayin theyve seen something like this before...

if you want to start a club you need to have more people and the only way they can find out about the sport is by riders doing demos.

then when the lil kids go mum can i do that... have leaflets they can take and go wow that looks like a real nice sport etc...

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