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Heavy Feeling Front End


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My brother has a Black Market Riot with 26" Mtx rims, Middle Burn cranks, a Sankukai rigid fork with a simtra stem and simtra mcskinny bars. Now it seems to me that street bikes are supposed to be light and flicky though me him and several of our riding friends have said that the front end feels damn heavy. Like i dont really understand how i have to pull as hard as i can to pull the front end up for a bunny hop.

Is there anything like changing his stem or bars or switching to 24s that might help. He said he was going to get the NS bars that have a 3 inch rise over his 1.5 inch mcskinnies would this help because its getting really anoying and frustraiting home extremely.

Thanks for any help and input and sorry for the off topic nature of this post,


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Nice frame. Street bikes are quite heavy IMHO and this one looks made from Cr-Mo.

MTX are about 640g which is not bad. I like them alot.

A longer stem definitely made a difference on mine(Planet-X Pitbull Pro). Especially with shorter top tube(street bike). Harder to pull at first but easier to keep it up. I'm using 100mm stem.

But i mainly use my bike for trials riding now...

For street riding my 40mm was better for manuals and bunnyhops. Makes the bike more flicky, but more unpredictable also... arse wise!!!. For trials riding, i found it less stable on the backwheel and way more strenuous on the arms for backhops and pedalkicks. Front wheel wants to drop immediately after gapping.

With your rigid fork you might find yourself having a bb drop now. I know my frame was made especially for suspension fork. My toes drag on the asphalt sometimes since my rigid fork.

I don't know if bb drops can make the front end harder to pull.

Wanna use it for street or trials riding??

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No no this is an all out street rig.

There will be no trials at all on this thing.

Pretty much the front end is like friggin hard to get in the air. Like once u get it past a certain point its ok but like the first 20 degrees is like worse then my DH bike.

And the rigid is suspension corrected to 80 mm of travel.

Thats why im so confused.

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