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Mowgli'S Koox Kb


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Frame and Forks

- Frame: Koxx Kenny Belaey

- Forks: Trialtech


- Front hub: Hope Pro II

- Rear hub: Try-All H135

- Chain tensioner: Rohloff

- Front rim: Dob (magnesum)

- Rear rim: Onza Pro Series

- Front tyre: Try-All Stiky 2.0

- Rear tyre: Continental Rain King


- Front brake: Avid BB7 180mm

- Front brake lever: Avid SD7

- Rear brake: Magura HS33 '04

- Brake pads: Avid Organic/Heatsink Coust CNC

- Brake clamps: Echo TR

- Brake Booster: Echo 4-bolt


- Cranks: Try-All 175mm

- Freewheel: Tensile

- Chain: Onza Kool Chain

- Rear Sprocket: Try-All Screw On

- Pedals: Wellgo Magnesium

- Bottom bracket: SKF BFR 300

- Bashring: TRM Racing


- Headset: Echo SL

- Stem: Trialtech

- Grips: Trialtech

- Handlebars: Trialtech

Weight: 10.36 Kg

Many of you have seen my trusty steed. Now looking pretty battered. Any suggestions welcome (colour, weight saving etc).

Have been running the TRM Racing Bashguard for a week or so and it is really good. Pretty tough, smashed it on a couple of rocks and only tiny marks have come from it.


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