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Frame Specs

Guest endofreak

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Guest endofreak

I thought it might be quite useful to have a thread containing a few specs of some of the top trials frames.

List any frames that you may know the geometry and weights off.

Koxx Levelboss

Wheelbase - 1065mm

Chainstays - 385mm

Head angle - 71.4

Echo Pure

Wheelbase - 1060mm

Chainstays - 385mm

Head angle - 71.5

Echo Urban

Wheelbase - 1040mm

Chainstays - 385mm

Head angle - 73

Weight - 4.5lbs

Planet X Zebdi

Wheelbase - ?

Chainstays - 385mm

Head angle - 74

Top Tube - 21.5"

Weight - 4.5lbs

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Guest Mr_DJ

Pashley 26 Mhz Trials:

Weight approx 4.5 lbs

14" seat tube

22" top tube

16" chainstays

73 mm BB shell

Tyre Clearance: 2.3" (although i can get a 2.35 kujo in there :-)

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Guest prawn

id jsut liek to say that the echo urban is 4.6 and that the zebdi is only about 4.4lb or so because tehrs quite a difference betwent eh urban and the zebdi

zebdi tyre clearence-over 2.6 because my 2.5 has loads of room on a bmf rim

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