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i just found out that Koxx now make GREEN and BLUE.

so whats the differences?

and which pad compound is softer RED or YELLOW.

cheers for your help guys :ermm:

BTW the try-all website says no info about them just french text saying they are blue... and pics.

Also Cleanbikes have pics

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I was told that the red and yellow are the same hardness as the browns, since they are the same pad with a different colour pigment. Id guess the blue and green have come about from the same situation, and will need to be tested to see what theyre good for. Seems like these pads are just being churned out for the same of having pretty colours.

Also, remember - hardness isnt the only factor to contribute to wear rate and frictional properties.

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oh my god, how nice do the green ones look! Anyone any experiences? What compound are they? Might have to get some, as my heatsinks are being, umm......how to say this.....Crap?


the new ones are much better than the old ones. The new clear ones. As good as kool stops on a grind when yor running them on a clean rim. If that makes sense.

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Ok, as a guideline, we've been told ...

If a pair of the traditional Brown pads lasted you a year, then ...

Red would last you 9 months, and, as a wet-weather pad would be ½ way between Brown and Yellow.

Yellow would last you 6 months, but are a much better wet-weather pad.

As for Blue and Green - they look the same compound as the Brown, but as they only arrived in the UK last week, no-one here's had them long enough to be able to give feedback!

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