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New Koxx Pads

Mr Dave

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Yeah, well so do I :P :(

so quite simple, they've been out for a while now, so whos got them ? :P

what colour do you have, blue or green.

i no they are the same compound, but as various people have said the colour pigment drastically changes the performance of the pad.

my reds are running out now, so im looking for some new pads, and untill TartyBikes sort out there phenominal (sp) pads Koxx will have to do :D :D

Thanks, Dave :-

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i got my green pads yesterday!

rode with them for about 3 hours yesterday and just pratting around on bike tonight,

first impresions are good, although i am running on an un-ground koxx rim, i am going to be grinding it to get maximum power from the pads, they work a lot better than my previous monty pads

reagards ash :(

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