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The Fruits Of My Labour


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Just thought I would post some piccy's of myself the other afternoon. Comment's welcome (Y)






Thank you please. (Y)

PS> sorry about the ghost like images, mid air shot's on my mate's cam aren't super great but you get the idea.

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Whats that bike in the background, it looks like a le toy to me, it cant be a full sus it looks too small.

And on the top pick to i spy a fork with a disk brake and a maggie on

Looks like a full-sus to me? Big Hit maybe?

He has a maggie, with a disc rotor on the hub :P

Looks good, some nice riding spots you have there :P

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LOL ben on the bighit which he rides very badly :blink: wasn't even worth him buyin to. Only bought it to be like flea (Y) i'd do more on that thing then him, might offer him money for in and split my trials bike if i cnt get it welded (A) (Y)

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