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Disc Rubbing?


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Last week i brought a Hayes hfx-9 mk2 disc, it took ages to get the disc centered and everything was fine but after riding bout twenty minutes the disc started rubbing on the pads. I have tried all different sized spacers and without spacers but it keeps rubbing, would gettin the mount faced sort it?

cheers for any help :lol:

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What size rotor is itwith hayes it either 6 or 8 inch iirc and it might have just warped due to the heat, I think the bigger the disc the easier it will warp when its hot.

My 205 m4 was fine when I lined it up the next day it rubs I cant see any other reason other than the disc has warped ive not hit it.

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Open systems are always a pain to set up!

After setting up and then pumping the lever a few times it will most probably rub again, this is due to the pistons, 'settling', due to open systems being self adjusting.

A way of sorting this is to have your mounts faced and then set up dead central, but again it will msot probably rub or make a tinging noise, just ride it, it won't be nothing to worry about, you have to remeber for good lever feel, there has to be minimum gap between pads and rotor, thus an open system!

Another problem as mentioned could be a warped disc, this can be easily sorted with an adjustable spanner.

Regards ash

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Not really of any practical help I'm afraid, but maybe help in the feeling better sense ?

I have M4's f&r on my, err, xc bike (think of it as an xc bike), and they both rub.

The mounts are both faced, and I am quite the show-pony about setting my bikes up, so I'm content I've done a top job ... it's just ... well, it's just that they rub.


Being 200mm front and 180mm rear can't be too helpful I guess as there is quite a bit of flex there, but when it gets too bad I just use an adjustable spanner and, err, nudge the disc a little teeny tiny bit, and we carry on in that vein.

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