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Bars And Stem Combos?


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Just been thinking about bars and stem set ups and i know its discussed alot, but what are the pros and cons of the following?

Risers and flat bars?

flatter shorter stem? at the minute im running a brisa stem which has a fair bit of rise to it and was wondering how a flatter stem would help?

Also with a flatter stem what would be the advantages of a shorter and longer stem.

I ride more natural than street.

Sorry as i know similar questions have been posted before.

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i used to use easton ea70 medium rise bars with a 120mm stem on my 1060 pure. i really liked this set up and couldnt see my self changing to any other bar/stem combo. i loved the feel of them and they just seemed to fit me down to the bone.

now im on a pitbull and i very kindly got some echo bars and stem off selectbikes. i opened the box of bits and saw some flat echo bars. now im the sort of person who will slate things even though i havent even tried them. i did quite a bit of "echo bars are wank" haha. even though i had never used them. i had that same opinion when i saw them in the box and i was a bit scepticle of how i would get on with them.

i have been riding my bike solid for around 2 days now and i think i have sort of got used to it. i have to say, i really really do love my bar and stem set up now. i also got sent a 100mm (i think? phil might know and if he reads this could say what i got for deffinate :unsure: ) echo stem and it seems to have hardly any rise, dunno if this is the same for all echo stems.

but ye im using a shorter stem with flat bars and it all feels natural, like i have hardly had to adjust to get used to them. moves seem quite a lot easier to do and i just feel like im in control a lot more.

dunno if this has helped you at all but...i love flat bars now (Y) hahaha

bit more...

i dont seem to be hitting my tighs so much o the bars when i bump. i dunno if this is cause of the bars and stem or just the fact i have got a new bike :"> BUT i think some of it is down to the bars and stem...

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