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Looking For A Videos


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by swtc do you mean South West Trials Crew?

None of us has ever had an orange zero....nor do i remember us having a vid with music by prodigy (correct me if im wrong rich :S )

If it is one of ours, is there anything else you remember about it all? just to help me figuire out which one it is



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i dont know if it was you or not just has anyone made a vid with an bare alloy orange zero. theres a clip where he rides along a wall the does a massive drop into sort of a drive in enterance to a lbasmeant of a building or somthing like that.

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the new vid with james porter and sam wheeler in it! i cant remember what it is called but it is a good vid!!! engage 7 maybe, the one with sam wheeler in it! hope this helps :S and it isnt a zero, it is a zoo pitbull or an echo pure!!


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Well, neither me, Ross or Alex have ever made a video featuring an Orage Zero or with Prodigy music, so it aint us, nor can I think of who it might be. But go to trials-shack and eengoedidee, search for SWTC and have a look through our vids; you might have been mistaken about the song and bike, although you're probably not. But go download them anyway... :S

Sorry we couldn't be more help.


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