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I've Just Got A Echo Team Frame.

Josh   Greenan!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok you definately need one tool and you may need another. Firstly you need to get your crank arms off, you may need a crank exctactor for this, have you ever/recently taken your crank arms off? There's a few methods you can try if you haven't got the money for a crank extractor but if you have it may be worth it as there useful to have around, try getting your cranks off to see if you need one or not.

Then you need a bottom bracket tool, just pop into your local bike shop and ask for one, make sure you get one that fits your particular bb (same with crank extractor, make sure it fits your crank and bb).

So now you have arms off you use your bb tool and just fit it onto one side of the bb so that the notches line up and it fits snugly, then use a spanner to attach to the tool and undo the bb starting on the right side i think (someone verify or sorrect this?) as thats the side that the smaller part of the bb is on. Keep in mind that one side of the bb is opposite threaded so you have to turn it the opposite way (clockwise) to tighten it. I think right side is opposite threaded but again check this. Once you've undone both sides your done and should now have in front of you olld frame bb came off, 2 crank arms, one long but of bb with the axle on and one small piece.

Hope thats helps a bit, it's really easy though as long as you have the right tools. Max.

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Most likely yes, make sure you know what type of bb you have, if it is square taper or isis and what make it is as that will help get the right pattern bb tool. Like i said before though try and get your crank arms off first though as you may not need a crank extractor, try using a rubber mallett or a hammer and wood to hammer them off.


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