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Middleburn Super Pro

future orange 660

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Had the same problem just the other day!

Went from running single speed and a Kool chain to gears and a mtb chain.

It's mtb size but can run bmx chain also, but as i found out the other day, going from running a kmc chain back to a mtb chain can cause problems!

The larger chain will buffer the edges of the cog out and every so slightly change the shape of the gear, but nothing a mini file and some patience couldn't solve.

Hope that helps,


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I don'r know for definate if it's 3/32 but I'm guessing it is designed for MTB chains being Middleburn. I'd say it's worth getting a 3/32 chain as the teeth should last longer as the 1/8 will cause it to wear faster.

You can get away with a 1/8 chain on a 3/32 set up but I'd go for an 8spd Kool chain. The pitch does make a difference if you run a 1/8 chain then try to run a 3/32 chain as everything will have worn to suit the 1/8 chain.

Hope this helps.

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